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speak2me4real posted:
Don't be afraid to come to this board and speak.I'm keeping calling on those that are not by anyone else.I care about your feelings and you can be honest even if that means working through the drama.

You know who you are and I know why.For a while they are the same names that hasn't been thrown out there to be recognize.You can come back and speak your mind about whatever cause that is the point of this board.I don't know if people are stuck on stupid or what but they wasn't committed to stand for you.

There's not such thing as a real friend and that has been my biggest lesson.All I ask is for you to be real and nothing less.Your opinion matters and that's some real bull to be messed over by those you shared your life with.Some rather you lie to them and the truth they run from and a so call friend don't run from you.I'm not gonna play with anyone's life cause I don't want no one to play with mines.

So when you see this and feel like it then post and let's speak on it.
An_253879 responded:
If it was important to speak about things then and they give a damn,what makes you think it matters now?.....Those people should be inline with bullies cause that's what they did.

They do wrong and it's nothing said and when you confront them about doing wrong then all hell will break loose.They don't care about your feelings,life or anything else that matters to you.So why waste your time talking to a brick cause it damn sure aint gonna talk back.

They go by that old saying about do as i say and not as i do.You can rant and screaming all you want but they will stay hidden to keep from facing the truth.I don't believe that bull about it's because of the drama,no it's something they want to do to keep from talking to you here.

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