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soulkeepers posted:
Is this the reason I had to step away from the board?

Or maybe no one wants to talk to me about nothing and that's cool too.
speak2me4real responded:
Was on my phone but the battery ran out so had to wait until I got home.You may not know me but some should remember me from another board I was bullied by some of the same people.I'm not asking you to trust me but just hear me out on this.I really hurt for you cause they took it to a whole different level on you.They are ignoring you and I know they see the post.I'm tell you straight up the fact of the matter is they were never here for you.If that was true then they would still be here cause none of this is your fault.

Think really hard about it you were not on when the drama started but somehow all the pain was conflicted on you.You stood up for yourself and was ganged up on by some cows,same happened to me.They should be totally embarrass for the way things were handle.The ones that are dead wrong people are standing tall for them and you got treated like s***.They lied through their teeth so for that F*** their feeling.

That's right a blast from the past and some of you are too damn old to be still doing BS like this and then hide out.If they were here as supporters then why abandon someone when they need you the most.I feel like they just go around using people and then try to justify why they did what they did.Those two placed you in the worst situation it is to be in and then the crabs played the innocent role.They are no one to be trusted,not ever again.It made things easier to do because to them you were not family nor were their friend so they didn't care.

The very same ones that told you what you needed to do to stay safe from the people that were hurtful,abusive and tonic in your.Are the same ones that needs to be put in that same spot cause they have done all of that too you.Your safety means nothing to them and it's time to let those old bats stay in their cave.Each and everyone of them that left the board cause of so call drama that y'all created come out and tell the truth for once.

All the the things that you have every said here has been a lie cause you judge,hurt,abuse,abandon,the only way to get past something is to deal with it and you understand s*** about s***.Some of them are confuse don't know if they are coming or going.Just playing follow the leader when the leader don't have manners or respect for others.

This is not an attack but me just speaking my true feelings on things.Something everyone is entitle to and that's speak freely and I'm a women about mines.Something y'all don't have a clue about or about being real to anyone,not even yourselves.

Soulkeepers you may not have a lot to say to them but I do!!!!!!!
An_253879 replied to speak2me4real's response:
right and now they are bestfriends too

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