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speak2me4real posted:
They think someone's life is something to mes over then turn around and laugh about it.I think they deliberately did what they did to a few people on this board.

I'm try to keep this one clean but I can't promise nothing tho.I didn't just come here making all this noise for two or three people but for myself.I don't get this time frame business that some put on you.Cause for anyone who has or have been abused it don't come with a time or date stamped with it.After being raped,abused or violated there is no time frame on that regardless of what someone say.Some things just hit you outta the blue and some come up when that person is willing and able to deal with it.

It can take years before someone even realize that something is off in their life and some time after the realization of it set in.Some people go half of their life without confronting their issues.What take a person months to get over may take someone else longer so you can't come at me with that mess about the past.It doesn't matter if it happened 6 months,6 years or 6 decades ago it depends on the person.Take that past bull and toss out the window with the rest.

I couldn't walk away from this issue for one the situation was foul.Two I know the feeling of being betrayed by your supporters.I don't know SK but I know the situation.Just like abuse that kind of thing stays with a person and makes it worst when the person is being forced to let it go.The main key players in all of this is just hanging back and not saying anything.But this is what they do more than it needed to be.These girls are like tornadoes that touch down,do their damage and you're left to deal with things.They'll move on to somewhere else and you're stuck with the pain and suffering of their actions.

I know what it's like to be threaten,stalked,have people invade your life,afraid to sleep in your own home because you don't feel safe and you trusted these people.So if it makes me wrong for standing up for someone you need someone to speak for them then I don't wanna be right.Still nobody here to help her cause they are still in the trenches of this.I don't have guilt,remorse,respect or manners for anyone who won't even acknowledge that they cause one pain and put them in harms way.Or anyone who support or tolerate this kind of abuse and don't care what others gotta say.

Then you wanna get your granny panties in a bunch when someone come at you.I'm not friendly and that's off the rip it's cool but I'm still speak the truth.If I'm suppose to be a real and loyal supporter than that's what I'm do when being asked too.

How does it feel to abuse someone that came here for help?

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