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I'm Back
speak2me4real posted:
Did ya miss me?

I know you did so we can have some more girl talks.

The topic for tomorrow is RESPONSIBILITY.To see if we call all get on the same page here or not.Some are not even reading from the same book.

Some just like to use a real person's life to twist and make their own story out of it.Maybe we can find that fine line between the two and know what's real and what's not to you.

This should be a very interesting topic to get into.
speak2me4real responded:
I know this wouldn't get any hits but that's not motivates me here.Since I'm not clear about what it is that people want me to leave in the past then I'm speak my mind.

I see the big picture and I'm stay on point.I may not be the smartest person in the world but I do have common sense.As a woman and a mother I have a responsibility to my family.We learn by doing which some don't seem really understand.

I'm give to you straight up and anyone who has been abused is sensitive to certain issues.You can't put someone on a sliver platter and serve them to their predator.Putting people in that kind of spot is well STUPID real talk.Because Just hear about things like that brings my family to mind.If anyone ever put any of my family in a place like that then I'll hunt them down.

I would walk to the end of the earth to find them.What really has me enrage is that people using the excuse of it being drama when it's just a cover.To get the pressure of you and it's sad cause the real reason is that you ABANDON the people.Walked away and didn't even attempt to look back.Having a heart it tears you up seeing people hurt that way and be buried by your own kind.

I don't care if you agree or not cause I can't hear myself telling anyone in my family those words.If it was your child you wouldn't tell him/her that's it's time to put it in the past or say to them you're sick of the drama.Do you know the kind of fear that grips you to have that happen to your child?...Do you know that the emotions and stress of the situation will leave you drain?

Talking about this is not to cause drama for anyone you.No one really care too much for anyway maybe because I take this abuse stuff serious and a little deeper than you.Or maybe you can't wrap your mind around this issue

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