OB over 2 months
bluzipper posted:
Had herpes ob 5/29. Took Valtrex 500g twice per day for 1 month. Sswitched to Zovirax 200g 5 times per day for two weeks. No improvement so took Zovirax 400g 3 times each dayfor 2 weeks. Situation remains more or less the same. Is there any other medication? Appears that there are new drugs coming out for Aids from time to time but not for herpes (although Aids is much more complicated)
abe648 responded:
If you are still having problems then go back to the Doc and get this evaluated. Herpes should have subsided from what you took. It is quite common for gals to get other infections down yonder that have nothing to do with herpes. Be seen and get the Doc to swab/culture/type it so if it is herpes then the Doc can deal with it and if it is not herpes then other treatments can be done. Herpes should not last this long.
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