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I think a pubic hair went into my mouth... worry about infections.
Anon_159544 posted:
I was in class just now and I fell asleep. When I woke up, I noticed something funny in my mouth. I took it out and it was a black and curly strand of... something. Now I'm not 100% sure if it's even hair, it's a little plasticky, but it sure looks like pubic/anal hair.

But since I was so bloody sleepy, I just left it aside and continue sleeping. Now that I am home and awake, I have two concerns:

1) Can I get infections like AIDS or STDs from EATING a pubic hair?

2) Since I touched the hair with my hands, and I rubbed my eyes when I woke up, would this also put me at risk?
kandiraynee responded:
I want to believe that that was not a hair, I really do. However, you cannot contract HIV or any STD in this manner for a variety of reasons, such as HIV become inactivated shortly after leaving it's host, exposure to air deteriorates the "cocoon" that allows HIV to latch onto cells. HIV transmission has to be immediate, that's why it usually takes place in the body, it needs direct exposure to your bloodstream. As well as the fact that the mouth is a very hostile place for the virus, enzymes in the saliva would practically destroy it and your saliva would destroy it. And as far as your eye, no, seeing that it'd probably been in your mouth a while, IF it was a hair, and IF it was somehow "tainted", it would no longer be infectious as far as HIV is concerned. As far as other STDs, I'd think that it takes more than one little hair!

All The Best, Kandii

Anon_159544 replied to kandiraynee's response:
What if it was really pubic hair, and when it happened I had sores in my mouth? Also, after touching it, I touched my bags, my books and even my clothes. Should I sterilize them too?
georgiagail replied to Anon_159544's response:
1. Eating a pubic hair will not pass any STD (including HIV) onto you.

2. Same answer as number 1.

kandiraynee replied to Anon_159544's response:
Still no, if this was the case, many of the people who've performed orally on partners with HIV and other STDs should be infected as well (which is not so) and if you want to spray your stuff with some Lysol then go ahead if it eases your mind. But you've had no exposure, even if it was a hair.

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