What is Happening to Me?!
An_247642 posted:
Hey everyone! Let me provide a little background information for you..

I was with my son's father for three years. We are no longer together and I have since moved on, dating my ex who I've been in love with for years. I have also been on Microgestin (pill) birth control for about a year and a half, my GYN switched me to a lower dose less than two months ago.

My boyfriend and I recently had sex (unprotected, we're both clean unless our tests weren't accurate) for the first time in years. He is significantly "bigger" than my ex, in length as well as girth. It was enjoyable, but painful as well. I literally felt like he broke through a trapped door, my cervix maybe?

The next evening, I began to bleed. It was pinkish in color, not very heavy. I felt like I may have started my period. I was quite irritable and I had moderate cramping. It continued on and off, and here we are, nine days later and I'm still having a very light brownish discharge every so often throughout the day.

I'm trying to hold off visiting my GYN because I'm due for my actual period this upcoming week so I'm hoping all will be flushed out and this on and off mess should cease.

What could be going on? I know there could be a lot of explanations. I tried to be as informative as possible. Could this be due to my switch in birth control (break through bleeding)? A small tear? Cervical damage? An STD? Help please! Thank you!