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Very concered/Looking for advice and direction
ExDeo posted:
Hi all,
I have been reading off and on here for a few years. But this will be my first post. I will attempt to keep it as short as possible, and to the point.

I am a 24 year old, white male. And approximately 10 days ago, I noticed in the shower a small pimple/zit on the upper-right part of my scrotum. Did not think much of it. And about 5 days ago, I noticed another similar pimple/zit on the lower part of my penis near the base. To give you a picture, these two areas where these pimples/zits are would rub right against each other when I am not erect so during every day activity where I am sitting, standing, etc. They looked like a standard zit, red not really coming to a head though. Around the time the initial zit/pimple surfaced, I started having moderate lower back pain. Was not too worried as I work in a very physically demanding profession every night.
As of last night, the pimple/zit on the scrotum started to turn into more of a rash and getting more spread out on my scrotum. When they were just initial single zits/pimples, they did not hurt, or itch. The pimple/zit on my penis looked like it was developing a small head with some white on the end. That has went away, and tonight it is starting to slightly spread on my penis into more of a rash. It feels wet or slick as if there is pus all over the area where the rash/pimple/zits are. The back pain is still moderate to some serious pain at times. I have been able to work out through it doing cardio, that helps loosen the back up. But I still have the pain.
As of tonight, the genital rash/pimple/zits are slightly itchy with minor pain if I touch them. I have some slight groin pain also, which I am not sure if it is related or due to me hitting the gym.
I have done nothing but read and research possibilities, and I am just sickened at what the research is leading me to what it most likely is: HSV or HPV.
Background on my sexual history. I have only had heterosexual sex with white females. I have had multiple sexual partners over the last 12 months. I have never, and I mean never had sex without using a condom for vaginal sex. I have received unprotected oral sex from multiple partners. I am very health conscious and always try to be as safe as possible, using condoms for vaginal sex. I have never given anal sex, or anything like that.
This has been a rough week or so, and especially this weekend. I am not the same person, I cannot stop thinking about that this could be HSV or HPV. It has changing me as a person already, and I am hoping and praying it is something else that is not permanent. The doctor could not see me Friday, and obviously he was not available this weekend. So I am trying to get in to see him tomorrow.
I just cannot believe this is a possibility, or happening as I always have used protection and been as safe as possible. Anyone that can give me some insight on personal dealings, or professional knowledge/opinion of what this possibly is, and where I should go from here would be greatly appreciated. I am a strong masculine male, but I can't describe in words how this has me feeling. It could affect me the rest of my life. But I am thinking the worst of course, as is probably natural with something like this. Please help me here, and I would appreciate insight, thoughts, and professional opinions.

Thank you, and apologies for the length of this post.
ExDeo responded:
To add in also, I have a history of psoriasis and eczema on my body. I have been able to control that with moderate tanning in tanning beds utilizing the UV light, over the past year or so. I also tend to get jock itch, groin rashes with my very physical job in elements but control that with proper hygiene, baby powder, gold bond, etc. Just throwing everything out there.

Thank you again everyone. I would appreciate some help or direction.
ExDeo responded:
The doctors office called with some of the test results today. Here is an update on my situation:

HIV: negative
Syphilis: negative
Hepatitis panel: negative
Gonorrhea: negative
Chlamydia: negative
Bacterial culture: Positive for staph infection (They are putting me on an antibiotic, Bactrim, to get rid of the Staph
Viral/Herpes culture: Results not back yet
georgiagail replied to ExDeo's response:
Staph is a very common bacteria that many of us carry on our skin and in our nasal passages.


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