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please help me... year long infection
Dennisdesperate posted:
i"ve had itchy pimples in my pubic area and a rash on my penis and testicles that spread to my upper thigh and anus. I got it after (stupid) unprotected sex with a girl. I didnt notice she had a rash until after the sex and i also noticed a strong odor. The doctor diagnosed the pimples as follocultis and the rash as a yeast infection. None of the medicine prescribed worked, which was ketaconazole, diflucan, nystatin, and steriod creams. for the follucultis i had limited success with bactrim and keflex. clindamycin and minocycline had no effect. eventualy through keeping my groin dry my penis nad testicles no longer have the rash but they still itch a bit. The rash is no on my upper thighs and anus in the folds on the skin and doesnt seem to be going away. its been a year since i first go this and throughout the whole time its itched bad and im impotenent. No otc stuff ive tried has worked. Hopefully someone here knows something i can do or someone i can go to. im so depressed i cant keep going on like this.
Dennisdesperate responded:
Ive also been tested for chlamydia , gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV(3 months and 6 months after) hepatitis and trich... all were negative
elle0317 responded:
I would see a Dermatologist about this. It doesn't sound like an STD.
Dennisdesperate replied to elle0317's response:
have seen one, hasnt been willing to do a biopsy so he keeps trying to give me antifungal medicine that isnt working, and while it may not a classic sti the girl i got it from had the same thing so it was transmitted sexually, also does anyone have tips on getting rid of pubic follucultis i still have some left and the antibiotics wont get rid of it

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