very upset
An_247859 posted:
When I was alot younger, and this has bothered me alot as I was with my ex-partner for 4 years when this happened, but I contracted ghonarrea and chlamydia, and was extremely distraught. He told me, and I got tested, and the medication completed, etc. we split the day he told me.
I am with my current partner who I have been with for 3 years now, and we are wanting to try for a child. I am worried that my history of 2 std's may have caused damage to my fertility.
Im worried that if I do see a doctor, that I will look like an idiot, I know GP's don't judge, but I just don't want to be turned away, and told I've nothing to worry about.
I got tested as soon as he told me, but as we had been together 4 years I trusted him enough to not bother getting checked, that may come across as stupid, and it has really knocked my confidence entirely in men.
georgiagail responded:
It is unlikely that either of these STD's left you infertile. The risk of this is relatively small.

If you are interested in trying for a child, then do so and only consider fertility testing (for the BOTH of you) if this does not happen after a year of trying.