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    please soon guidance do not tell me to see a dermatologist i already am
    Dennisdesperate posted:
    ten months ago i had unprotected sex with a girl who i found out has had many sex partners. The first symptom i got was itchy pimples in my pubic area which started as a few then spread all over. then a weeping rash appeared on my penis and scrotum. the rash continued to spread to my inner thighs and my anus. I went to a dermetolagist and got prescribed different antifungals for the rash none of which worked. I used nystatin, ketaconzazole, and diflucan. i have also treid all the lotrimin otc medicine. The pimples then spread all down my leg and cheast and arms and i also got browinsh yellow spots. The doctor gave me antibiotics for follucultis and most of it cleared it except my pubic area. i used neosporin for while and that got rid of most of the pimples but a slight rash and itching still is in that area. I would like to know any other medicine to use for that follucultis. I also cant get rid of the yeast rash.
    An_247910 responded:
    There is a great website ( ) for natural remedies for all kinds of ailments. If you are sure that your diagnosis is accurate and you have a yeast rash, try applying a cloth dampened with Organic Apple Cidar Vinegar to the affected area. It may burn at first, but you should feel relief of the itching immediately.

    You will find that organic acv is a remedy for almost everything. It can be purchased by a bottle in the organic section (usually near the fruits) in your local grocery store for around $5.
    elle0317 responded:
    Real Doctors are 1000 times better than any guess you will get from regular people on an internet chat board. If you are not happy with your dermatologist, then I suggest you find another one for a second opinion.

    Out of curiousity, did you break out after you learned of her sexual history? Or before?
    Dennisdesperate replied to An_247910's response:
    tried that many times did help itching a bit but the infection remains
    Dennisdesperate replied to elle0317's response:
    broke out two weeks after exposure. i found out later she had been with 15-20 guys
    KellyB1974 responded:
    You may want to consult a regular physician. Sounds like it could be herpes.

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