broken rubber please help
An_247907 posted:
so early friday morn i was having sex and when he was coming he got a lil excited and it broke and now im feeling lil abdominal pain, nausea, and have diarrhea this morn
elle0317 responded:
Did you have a question? Are you worried that you might be pregnant? or contrated an STD? Are you male or female?

We will need more info if you want some help.
njamlovell replied to elle0317's response:
dont know im waiting for a doctor appt i was just wondering could pregnacy sign happen that early? i been pregnant before and had pain and they said it was when it was attaching or is it an early symptom of an std but before i had sex i douched
georgiagail replied to njamlovell's response:
It is unlikely that a test done today for unprotected sex done Friday would provide accurate results regarding pregnancy.

Conception occurs in the fallopian tubes; the fertilized egg must then travel down to the uterus where implantation takes place. Until this happens, the body is unaware of the pregnancy.