Thought had UTI, doc says gonorrhea, brown discharge
piratbyran posted:

I thought I had a UTI (I'm an uncircumcised male in good health, 26 years old). My symptoms were :

-Swollen veins on the penis shaft, especially at the base (junction with pelvis) and right before the head of the penis, giving a "strangling" feel, also hurts a bit when pressed

-Inflammed lymphatic nodes

-Yellow-ish discharge

-Hurts a little bit when I start to pee, difficulty starting stream

-Male incontinence (few drops after I urinate)

I don't usually have any of these symptoms.

I tested for STDs/STIs about 3 months ago after dating the same girl for about 6 months. We then had unprotected sex for 1 month and then I left for business travel and have been travelling (no sex) for the last 2 months.

Now I went to see a doc today and he told me it was probably a urethritis, possibly gonorrhea or chlamydia. (Which is strange as I tested negative 3 months ago and continued dating the same girl, didn't have sex for the last 2 months...)

I took urine and blood tests, will have the results on Monday...

But for now, he gave me a gonorrhea shot and chlamydia pills.

Now I have a dark brown discharge instead of pale yellow and seem to be having all the previous symptoms.

Should I be worried about that change of color or would that indicate that something is working?

Clinic is closed until Monday so I can't ask my doc.