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HPV related to throat cancer
An_247996 posted:
I am a male (32 yo). I've read a lot where each year where we are seeing an increase in cancer in the throat because of HPV resulting from oral sex on females. I've searched the web a lot but can't exactly get solid answers on a few things.

I know that most men can be carriers and not know it and most of the time men do not have a problem with it on there penis because of the immune system clearing it out.

How does the immune system work for your throat? I was with a girl and I did oral sex on her briefly. I say briefly because it only lasted about 5 seconds because I decided against it in fear of other STD's. I know that those 5 seconds probably still put me at risk. I do know she had a high risk strain that could lead to cervical cancer (at the time). She told me that but at the time I didn't know about it possibly leading to throat cancer. All the info I read at the time said it wasn't a big deal to men. Now, I know that the next time she went to get a pap smear done results came back good. Unfortunately this was 5 years ago and I have no idea how she's been since. I guess it's possible that she could be in the clear right now with the help of her immune system but where does that leave me?

I've never had any symptoms and the times I have had sore throats they were gone after a couple days thanks to some cough drops and the sore throats usually occurred during allergy season.

So I guess what I'm looking for is if I did contract something while going down on her is it still possible my immune system could have cleared it out? I have never smoked a cig in my life, never did a drug in my life, while rarely ever drinking alcohol. In fact the first time I ever got drunk was a few years ago. I only mention those because from what I read smoking and drugs increase the chances of the virus staying?
georgiagail responded:
It is highly, highly unlikely there was any risk involved in a 5 second contact.

ChicagoFan4life84 replied to georgiagail's response:
Why would it matter how long? I mean I would love that to be true. But from what I've read it just takes skin to skin contact.

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