An_248010 posted:
I recently got a bodyslide at a massage parlor. After I came the first time (by hand) she cleaned me up and then got on top of my thighs. She pressed my penis against her vagina and rode up and down on it. I did not ejaculate the second time. When I looked about 3 hours later there was a bump on my shaft. Its been there since Sunday last week. No pain, around where the hair is at the bottom.

Background: An hour before I went to the parlor I cut my some of my pubic hair.

Do you think it is herpes? I'm a bit worried since I did research before I went there and caved in the moment. I really hope its not.
elle0317 responded:
Herpes sores do not show up within 3 hours of transmission. If it is herpes, it's not from her.
An_248010 replied to elle0317's response:
I'm going to the doctor but I've never had sex which is why this happening after abstaining my whole life would be crushing
sta10 replied to elle0317's response:
Its just one bump, I think this has happened before after shaving and I have none of the symptoms but to be sure I wanted to check both this community and a doctor.