Herpes, HSV1 on Middle Back?
An_248046 posted:
I am a 40 year old male who was recently diagnosed with Herpes HSV1, via an IGG blood test. It's my understanding this antibody test establishes that I was exposed to the virus at some point at least 3-4 months ago. I have had only one partner during that time.

My current partner contracted a primary genital outbreak of HSV1, which prompted my test. I have never had an outbreak.

Since it's most likely I passed the virus to her via oral/genital sex, I am of course concerned about where I contracted it. My previous partner was prone to recurrent outbreaks of a rash/blisters in the center of her back. When they first appeared, I helped her drain the blisters and apply anti-itch crème to help the symptoms. She eventually went to the doctor after they re-appeared several more times and was told they were "fever blisters".

Is it possible this was HSV1? She was given acyclovir to help with the symptoms, but I am unsure what testing, if any, they did at the time she went to the doctor.
elle0317 responded:
HSV1 is typlically oral herpes or more commonly known as 'cold sores'. Have you ever had a cold sore? The test confirms you have it, it does not indicate how long you've had it, nor where it is located.