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My fianc? just got told he has genital I have them??
scrdnconfsd posted:
My fiancé and I moved in together toward the end of May. Within a couple weeks, I started experiencing pain during intercourse. At first I ignored it, not thinking too much of it, but the pain started to get unbearable so I made an appointment to go see a gynecologist. After a physical examination, the doctor informed me that he thinks I had genital herpes. My fiancé was in the room with me during the exam, and of course the news came as a complete shock to both of us. Doctor did a culture and it came back positive for herpes

Needless to say, I have been suffering ever since. Not knowing how/when I would have got it, or if my fiancé has given it to me. My fiancé went to Planned Parenthood to get blood work done (even though we were having unprotected sex for 3 weeks before I went to the doctor, he had no breakouts or any symptoms). Unfortunately PP didn't test him for HSV (and didn't bother telling us they hadn't until we just recently followed up) and he has to wait 'til his insurance kicks in next month to go to his regular doctor. In the mean time, I had started researching herpes online, and found something about genital warts. My fiancé has always had a couple of (what I thought) were skin tags on his penis. He's had them for a couple years he says, and they don't itch/burn or bother him at all. They're flesh colored, so again, we just thought they were moles or skin tags. I got concerned after reading the article so we went back to Planned Parenthood for an exam, and the doctor there informed him that they are in fact genital warts. After shaving his scrotum and examining closer, we found a couple more of these small bumps there.

Now I'm sitting here confused and depressed. I'm wondering if I could have perhaps been misdiagnosed for herpes, and if I have genital warts instead. I'm Canadian and had to fly back to Canada to see my regular doctor a couple months ago (negative herpes culture, positive for HSV antibodies, but blood work was nonspecific so not sure if it is HSV1 or 2). I have no bumps or other signs on the outside of my vagina (just pain during intercourse). The first time this happened back in June, I also had a severe sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, which all lead the doctor to believe it was Herpes.

I would normally go back to my doctor for further testing, but as I mentioned, that's in Canada and I'm living with my fiancé now in the US, but we have no insurance. I'm concerned that if he's given me HPV, I need to move back to Canada as I understand I need to be monitored more closely for cervical cancer.

Please help! Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated at this point.

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