First out break
NeedAnswers posted:
When you have your first herpes outbreak does it necessarily have to be 3 or more bumps? Is it uncommon to have just one?
elle0317 responded:
Are you attempting to diagnose yourself? If the bump is still there, why not go have it tested and then you will know for sure. Is this bump a blister? is it itchy or painful?
NeedAnswers replied to elle0317's response:
I went to the doctor, she said it was a herpes secretion. It was very painful to pee.
I talked to someone about it and they said their first breakout had a lot of them. I only had 1
abe648 replied to NeedAnswers's response:
I do not think it matters how many you have. From what I recall is that I had only one blister in my first two obs. read the stuff in my signature line.
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