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    Found out today that I am positive for hsv2.
    Sciteach posted:
    I am devestated about my diagnosis. I've always been very careful when it came to being with a guy for awhile before being intimate with them and have only had 4 partners. I just wasn't feeling right one day and went into the doctor to have it checked out. He had a good feeling then that it was herpes. After speaking with my boyfriend who had previously been premiscuous with multiple girls prior to dating me insisted he was clean as he was just tested before we got together. I just feel so betrayed. I've only been with 4 guys total and have been tested with negative results as a precaution. I feel stupid for falling for a guy who "couldn't help himself" after his ex-fiancé cheated on him. And now if we break up, who's going to want someone with hsv2? The worst part I can't even tell my family to avoid the judgement I would receive from them. Just stuck right now.
    abe648 responded:
    Did your Doc do any ttesting or did the Doc just look at the sores and say you have herpes? If it was just a look see then go and get a type specific Igg blood test to confirm your status. If the Doc took a swab/cultured//typed it and it is confirmed then confirm that your bf had a type specific Igg blood test done as many people go in and tell them to test me for everything and many times a type specific Igg blood test is not done. If he says he had this done then ask him to get a copy of his test results and post them on here so someone can help you confirm his status.

    If he is in fact negative like he says then you have had this for a while and just happened to have your first ob and you have had this for a while.

    There is someone who will love you even with herpes. Go back pages and pages and read posts about herpes and see that people do still have a good love life even with herpes. God Bless you.
    Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at
    Needtoknow04 responded:
    I know the feeling of getting that diagnoses, I have also just recently gotten mine a couple of months ago. But, you are still you. I know you do not want to be judged but you do not have to tell your family or friends, just the partner you are with. That is the person who will decide on whether or not they love you enough to deal with this with you. You are always worthy of love and being taken care of so never question that. Also, do not blame the guy you are with until he gets his test done and get a result back. He might not have known he had herpes and then you would be wrongfully condemning him. After he has done his tests, you two need to sit down and have a conversation about what you will need to do from that point on. Don't give up on yourself or him now. Trust that things will work out for you and that love will stay in your life. Come back on here so we can continue to help you with this. And please, do not think you are less than you were the day before you found out your diagnosis.
    abe648 replied to Needtoknow04's response:
    NeedtoKnow04 another great post.
    Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at
    Needtoknow04 replied to abe648's response:
    I must say that I followed your suggestion and bought the book by Terri Warren. I have started reading it and find it to be very informative and encouraging so far. Thank you very much for the suggestion and encouragement.

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    I had unprotected sex with a woman 3 weeks before I had this tests done. here are my results: HSV 1/2 IGG HERPESELECT HSV 1 IGG ... More
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