samllwonders posted:
was a 20 year old virgin in jan. by june i found out i have herpes. i am oone of those people who never cry and handles most situations really well but now all i want t do is cry all the time and thats just not me i was a very happy and bubbley person. i know the guy who gave it to me and he didn't know he had it either (or atleast thats what he keeps telling me) but i still can't help but resent him. I love him but i dont know if i'm staying with him be i feel like nobody else would want me or i really want to be with him. i feel like without him i will live a very lonely like, because i couldn't and wouldn't share my secret with anybody else or give this to anyone and ruin there life like mine is now. my mom is being very supportive but i still feel like she's kinda disapointed inn me.
elle0317 responded:
How were you diagnosed? And did they tell you which type you had? HSV1 or 2

Approx 45 million people in the US have herpes, so you are definitely not alone! I know it can be over whelming at first, and it can easily take over your life if you let it. It's a pesky skin condition and nothing more, it's not like it's fatal. So try not to let this define you or ruin your young life.
justagirl8 responded:
I was just diagnosed today. I am similar in the manner of not crying and keeping my composure. I cried like a little baby today, the nurse hugged me. I then gathered myself, took a drive and made a phone call to someone my mom knows that also has genital HSV. It was helpful. I realized, it is not a death sentence. Remember it could be worse, you were not sitting there and told, "you have 6 months to live." From what I understand 1 in 5 people have Genital herpes. People lead normal lives. Stay positive, it is great for the mind, a healthy mind helps.
rawrules replied to justagirl8's response:
I also was recently diagnosed. My husband of 9 years brought it home to me. I also was more relieved that it wasn't HIV instead. Life will go on. I would like to get married again some day and not sure how to approach the dating scene with it.