Question that I'm requesting expert opinion
Anon_10973 posted:
Is it possible to have herpes but it not show up on a blood test? In 2007 I was told I had genital HSV-1 ...showed positive from a culture when I went to dr with problem I thought was yeast infection. I have not had any other issues and have had 2 blood tests since and my doctor said no antibodies were found to HSV-1 or 2. He said in his medical opinion I have not been exposed because it is a very sensitive test and there were no antibodies either time.
I am not sure of my status. Was the first test a false positive or were the next two false negatives? Very confused.
abe648 responded:
To Confirm your satus get a Western Blot test done to see what you do or do not have. This can be done at the labs.
Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at