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Really worried about possible std break out!? Pease help!
StacyVaughn posted:
Ill start off by saying i was diagnosed with genital hsv 1, due to my fiance going down on with when he had a cold sore. that was a couple years ago, and i had the first two out breaks, and havent noticed anything since. I had a uti a week and a half ago but was givin a weeks worth of antibiotics, took them all. The last few days I noticed a mild itching down there. It would come and go, and only would last a short time. I assumed maybe it was related to the uti or something. My fiancé and I had sex this morning, almost 12 hrs ago for about an hour. I'm still "beat up" down there, looking swollen and such still. But I noticed it almost seems like there's three little bumps under the skin above my clit. It's really hard to even tell if the are bumps. I look in a mirror and felt around for awhile, and can't quite make out if they are bumps or not. I'm now extremely worried that I'm going to have another break out (I'm 7 months pregnant btw) and that I had sex with my fiancé, and maybe gave it to him genitally!? Does anyone have any info on type 1 genital herpes that pertains to this? Can you have out breaks after the first two the first year you get it?

nevar responded:
If you are swollen and have a few bumps, Id say that you are having an outbreak.

There is no logic or pattern to outbreaks. Some people get them all the time. Others get them less often, Others will get them every few years. Others yet will never have outbreaks.

It is possible to pass the virus on without an outbreak through shedding the virus which is why you need to always use a condom to protect your partner from getting the virus.

Id contact your OB/gyn and discuss the issues with the outbreak and pregnancy to see if its necessary for you to start an anti viral medication or not.
abe648 responded:
HSV 1 genitally does not have a lot of ob's. On average one will get the initial ob and then usually one more ob in the first year. Then you will get on average one ob every other year. Because you had a UTI it would be good to see your Doc or OB/GYn to see if the treatment for the UTI has started some other infection or you could possibly have another HSV 1 OB. Get a igg blood test for HSV 2 just to rule that out. People can have HSV 2 and have no symptoms and still be able to pass it on to someone else.

Since you are pregnant you need to know this for sure so your OB/GYN can no how to treat you. To learn more about HSV 1 and Pregnancy read the Herpes Handbook and watch the Video as per my signature line below.
Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at

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