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Is this an STD? Input appreciated
An_248530 posted:
What are these bumps on my scrotum? Is this genital warts or herpes? I went to sleep slightly itchy in my groin area one night about a week ago, then the next morning i woke up with an intense itch on my scrotum and penis. I scratched very rough for about 5 min straight because the scratching felt really good. When i went to shower about 30 mins later, i noticed that i had these bumps on my scrotum and a few on my penis. The ones on my scrotum are more raised than the ones on my penis. The ones on my penis seem more flat and slightly pinkish, and the ones on my scrotum are skin colored and more raised. Ive had ingrown hairs on my shaft before because i shave my penis and scrotum with a razor and shaving cream, but nothing has ever happened like this. They arent really itchy and havnt bled or anything. As far as i can tell, they aren't filling up with stuff that will burst soon. I havnt set an appointment with my doc yet, but i will soon. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

mancha responded:
trying to get pics to work

elle0317 responded:
To be honest they don't look like either herpes of HPV. Make an appt and have this checked out.
mancha replied to elle0317's response:
Thanks for the comforting news. I set an appointment up already. Still curious though
bonello replied to mancha's response:
What ever happened in this case? what was it?
abe648 replied to bonello's response:
If you have a simalar problem then go to the top and post your own post so someone can help you with your own particular problem(s).
Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at
leonardo23 replied to elle0317's response:
Wat were these lumps becuz I have the same. Please I need to know
leonardo23 replied to mancha's response:
Wat were these lumps u have. Becuz I have the same problem
meditt replied to mancha's response:
Hey, what was it ? For I have the same problem and I'm starting to get scared
An_263588 replied to meditt's response:
I have something very similar, looks like the second picture (the well lit one).

My scrotum is really rough, feels thicker, almost like leathery. The itch can be intense sometimes. Also have a rash on both inner thighs and it has periodically spread to my legs.

Just wanted to tell you I want to a dermatologist and it was diagnosed as a fungal infection. Not a big deal, just the result of too much sweat/moisture in the area. I was prescribed an anti fungal cream and it's worked wonders.

You can try to just wear loose clothing and use lotrimon & gold bond, but I would highly recommend going to a dermo. They will give you the peace of mind and the medicine they can prescribe you (oral if its bad enough) will get rid of it really quick.
georgiagail responded:
Your pictures don't show up (at least not for me) but genital warts don't tend to itch and scratching a herpes lesion really doesn't feel good at all.

It is summer with hot, humid weather and rashes are not unusual this time of year.

georgiagail replied to georgiagail's response:
Oops, I originally answered an old post..

Yes, fungal infections are pretty darn common this time of year. Often they itch and when scratched, will burn. As previously mentioned, antifungal creams will help take care of this.

An_263772 replied to mancha's response:
That s what exactly same with my condision.., what did you about that? Can you please share it to me..
Mike1988 replied to meditt's response:
Did you go c a doctor because I have the same problem
Mike1988 replied to An_263772's response:
Did you go to the doctor can u please tell me I have the same problem

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