tongue has small crack on it ... HIV? or normal tongue?(no pain or bleeding but a random dry cough sometimes)
georgiagail responded:
This is not a symptom of HIV.

Why are you concerned that you might be infected? And if so, why haven't you been tested for this?

An_248448 replied to georgiagail's response:
Well back in june i had unprotected sex ( my first time ever having unprotected sex )only once with my BF (now ex) and i started having some discharge but no pain or anything maybe 3 or 4 weeks after , I went and got tested for STD and it came back saying I was fine , it continued so my dr gave me some pills thinking it was probably a small bacteria infection, the discharged stop pretty much completely. But early this month i started having flu symptoms, well just a random cough, kinda felt like mucus was in the back of my throat, than a lot of spit and at one point (not anymore) the spit was very foamy and i had small spit bubbles on my tongue. I thought it was just because the weather is changing an it is pretty cold and windy here but now i have noticed that there is a small zig zag like crack on my tongue, my mom thinks that i am stressing myself out and it is probably me getting a cold , I had an appointment to get test but a death happen n the family so i had to cancel,I am making another appointment on monday but i was just wondering am i worrying an stressing to much or if i should be fine.. thats all.