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    Is it really HPV?
    elenam posted:
    I guess about a few months ago my fiancee noticed he was itchy all over and no amount of lotion or anti itch cream helped so we decided to go to the Dr. Two nights before we went he noticed bumps on his testicles. They didn't itch and were medium sized raised red, but slightly fleshy bumps. So we went and as soon as we arrived we noticed they were about to shut down for lunch hour, but the saw us anyway. We went back he told them everything he'd been experiencing and she pulled out a sheet, barely glanced at his testicles...didn't touch it, grab a light...nothing. Put the sheet down and said its genital warts or hpv. We were sitting there dumbfounded because we are together 24/7 and knows neither one of us cheated. I was his first sex partner and I'd only had 2 before him (I've never shown signs or anything) After we told her that she gave us a weird look and said she didn't treat "those type of issues" then she handed us a print out of living with hpv and told us we were free to go. We were in there a grand total of 10 minutes.
    We weren't satisfied with the service we received and had a ton of questions, but we were all but pushed out the door so we went home and did our own research. He did the white vinegar test and the bumps didn't turn white. He even held the vinegar soaked towel on there for over 10 minutes and I inspected it myself there was no change. Later he noticed weird hairs growing out of them and pulled them looked like an infected hair (I guess I should also mention that a week or so before he noticed the bumps he bought a razor he'd never tried before and it turned out to be horrible) So I was thinking maybe...infected hair follicles or ingrown hairs..idk.
    He's still itchy all over and all I ever see him do is scratch. Oddly enough its rarely his groin that itches.
    He says he's been faithful and I believe him. I don't think this is related to my partners in the past but at the same time I don't know for 100%
    He works with nasty people at a factory where people masturbate in the bathroom stalls and people with std's are known to be working there. He has to share a changing room with them, but says he's careful.
    I don't know what to think anymore. He refuses to touch me because he's not sure what's going on.. Also just today he noticed the swelling on the bumps on his testicles was going down, but he noticed two small bumps that look the same on the head of his penis.

    If anyone has any advice I'd greatly appreciate it. My life is in ruins and shockingly this isn't even high up on the list of causes, but I'd still like to know what's going on. We are currently waiting on that hospital bill to arrive and then we were going to seek a 2nd opinion from someone that seems a bit more reliable.
    georgiagail responded:
    Gential warts are not itchy.

    Sounds like a fungal infection (i.e., "jock itch") or perhaps irritation from the shaving.


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