Herpes type1
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My doc called to confers that I in fact do have herpes. I have only been with my boyfriend for over 3 years & I'm trying to put things together because I am very confused. He said he hasn't cheated on me. I have never had anything like this. I have not cheated on him. I have herpes on my labia & it was confirmed its type 1. Is it possible for me to had been infected over 3 years ago and just now have a first outbreak?
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Also it is possible that your partner if he gave you oral ssex gave it to you. He may have HsV 1 orally and has no idea that he has it. Get him to get a type specific igg blood test for Hsv 1& 2 so you know what his status is. Askhim to get a copy of his results and post the numeric test results on here so we can help you figuere out what his status is.

If you have any further questions ask so we can ehlp you.

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