Oral Herpes and having a child
An_248857 posted:
Does having HSV1 (Oral) mean I have to have a C-Section when I have a child? Really bummed. Please send me any helpful information you can summon Going through Primary Herpetic Gingivostomatisis, which my child and I both got from another child, and it is super painful and unbearable. Does this mean I also will have this reaction for the rest of my life? And my child? And will my spouse get this as well if/when we kiss? Have sex? Oral sex? So upsetting.
georgiagail responded:
No; if the HSV is limited to the oral cavity there is absolutely no reason to have a C-section during childbirth. The virus is not located in your genital area.

Outbreaks can be painful and typically last 2 weeks. How frequently these occur is highly variable. Many adults go years between outbreaks. The virus is easily passed on (which you have found out) and many carry the virus.