Am I being paranoid?
An_248958 posted:
Heya, long term relationship, diagonised with chlamydia a year ago, both got treatment, both tested negative on retests. Lately I have been experiencing lower right back ache in the right flank area, mainly when sitting down for long periods of time. Also ache in pelvic area mainly when first waking in the morning. Had a uti a week ago. My question is, could this be chlamydia again, or am i just being paranoid???? Am going to go get checked out but wanted feedback first. No reason at all to suspect infidelity on either side of the relationship.
abe648 responded:
Tge bestf thing is to go and get tested to know for sure what is going on. I think you are over thinking this but testing is the only way to know what is bothering you..
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