New to this but dealing with it.
theblessedchild posted:
I found out today that I have HPV, and I have spend the last 5 hours doing my research. Although, my doctor said I won't have it forever, it looks like it is not proven to be true. Most people that contact the virus, bodies fight it off after 6 months to 2 years, and they never know they have it, but it may be that it is so dormant that it is undetectable, which makes the contagiousness almost impossible. But all I can think is what if I am not like most people. I have a low risk strand, which is a blessing in itself, I can deal with warts, but cancer scares me. I just made 24 years old. But I am also not like most people already, I haven't had sexual contact with anybody in nearly 2 years, and just started receiving symptoms two months ago (unusual right). Also, my because fear in the world was contracting an STD. So the last time I had sex it was unprotected which I did not consent too (not that that would have matter much because apparently you can get HPV with condoms). After discovering it was unprotected, I was tested for every kind of STD my doctor offered except sphyllis. And I waited 6 months after that encounter to get another HIV test, and everything was fine. I had been to the doctor 3 times to get on bumps or lesions in my genital area and each time my doctor tested it for my comfort, even thought they knew it was just a razor bump, or laceration from an unclean razor, and everything came back fine. But I decided I would become abstinent because I was too afraid of getting an STD, and I felt I just couldn't trust people to be up front and honest. So when I got these few tiny bumps, I passed it off as I am just being paranoid again, and I'll just ask about during my annual exam. While got that today, and I asked about the bumps and my doctor told me that it was HPV. He said well normally you have symptoms in a month to three months, but on occasion it can lay dormant for a while, and something may trigger it. That is what makes me feel like mine will last forever, because most people's immune system fight of the virus after 2 years,but I did not get any symptoms until nearly 2 years after exposure. Does that mean that this is just another flare up? And I am one of those people whose immune system can not fight it off? I don't know, and apparently no one can tell me. But I guess it could have been worse, and I guess I am remaining abstinent for the rest of my life.