Need help, can this be something else other than std
littleone_xo posted:
I burn and itch a lot. Not all the time, but occasionally it burns when I urinate. I keep getting sharp lower abdominal pains, sometimes right in the center of my lower abdominal and other times its on the right side. I had unprotected sex 9 months ago and just started feeling all of this maybe last couple of weeks. I also have an IUD in place. I'm not sure if all of this can be caused by the IUD or not. I've heard of several people having complications from them. Please give me advice if possible.
abe648 responded:
I am really not familiar with IUD'S but fro, wjhat you describe it sounds more like it would be the IUD and not an STD. But when you go to the Doc get a full STD panel and make sure that they do a type specific igg blood test for HSV 1 & 2. Even if you say test me for every thing they may not test you for herpes. Copy your post and put this in the Womens health exchange at
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