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    Anon_169321 posted:
    I was recently diagnosed with HPV. I'm assuming it's they high risk strain as I am scheduled for a Colposcopy next month and my Dr. said we will go from there. I am worried sick. I went through this 14 years ago and I thought it was behind me. Now I have to face this again and I am scared. I have been reading about it online and the more I read, the more frightened I become. I've read things about HPV causing not only cervical cancer, but orral and anal cancer as well. I have also read that that women in the teens and 20's are more likely to clear the infection, but this not the case in older women. I am 36 and worried that my body won't clear out the infection on it's own. The only thing that is giving me piece of mind right now is the fact that I go in for my annual pap smear every year. Any words of advice would help. I can't stop worrying and thinking the worst.
    georgiagail responded:
    The issue with oral and anal cancer and HPV involves partners who pick up this virus through activities that involve these types of sexual contacts.

    In other words, the concern for oral cancer is if the PARTNER picks up the virus from the infected person while performing oral sex on them.

    At age 36 you are still certainly young enough to clear this virus on your own.

    airbabysd replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thank you for your reply, Gail.

    I have engaged in these types of sexual activities and that is why I am so concerned. I'm not sure what you mean by the "partner" picking up the virus during these sexual acts. Wouldn't I be considered the "partner"? I've read there is no way to know who infected me with this as it could have been many, many years ago. I've also read in several different sites that one not need engage in actually anal sex to get anal cancer. Skin to skin contact is all that is needed.

    Why is this the first I am hearing about anal and oral cancers caused by HPV? My doctor has never mentioned anything about this.
    georgiagail replied to airbabysd's response:
    If you are concerned that HPV may be present in either your oral or anal cavities, you can always request that these areas be swabbed for this virus.

    The fact that you carry this virus on your cervix does not mean you also carry this virus orally or anally.


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