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kat3874 posted:
IM 38 years old i have HPV and IT IS a life sentence it never goes away.I HAVE had a hysterectomy because i was two cell changes away from cervical cancer. now there's a chance of vaginal cancer.i caught it from my first husband he was doctor told me that i will always carry this second husband of 18 years PROBABLY now carries this virus too.Does anyone know if there's a connection between HPV and ovarian cancer? some research says yes and some says no.I was devasated when i found out that i had hpv.I didnt have any syptoms at all. The only wayi knew was cuz of the pap smears and then as time went by i had normal paps n then bam abnormal pap again n i had to have a leep.But that didnt fix it so Aug of this year i had my hysterectomy.So now im hoping that i'll have normal paps cuz i have read up on vaginal cancer and i definately don't want that.To all the women out there going through this remember what dosent kill u makes u stronger.