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we're each other's first and only sexual partner, but i still got herpes
badnewsbear88 posted:
am still waiting for the test results, but i've received a tentative clinical diagnosis of genital herpes. i've been with the same guy since we were both 17-year-old virgins; neither of us has ever been intimate with anyone else. and yes, i am positive that he hasn't cheated.

i've never had cold sores and he says he hasn't either, but his mother apparently has. so the most likely mode of transmission seems to be that he caught hsv-1 from his mom as a kid, was an asymptomatic carrier, and then transmitted it to me via oral sex. and for whatever reason my first active outbreak just occurred 5+ years into our relationship.

i had no idea this was even possible. if anyone had suggested a week ago that i might have an std, i'd have laughed out loud. i feel really alone, and i am wondering if anyone has ever heard of a completely monogamous person with a completely monogamous partner still somehow ending up with festering sores on their genitalia. it was just not something i thought i ever had to worry about, and now that it's happened i am finding myself totally ill-equipped to deal with it.
badnewsbear88 responded:
ah, i wish there were an edit function on this board. i have no idea why everything came out italicized...
abe648 replied to badnewsbear88's response:
If your Doc took a swab of the area then call your Doc and make sure that the Doc types the swab so that you can confirm that it is in fact an HSV 1 genital infection. The only way to properly confirm that you have HSV 1 is via a swab that it is typed. The reason this is so important is that on average you will only have one more ob after the first this year and then on average on ob every other year if it is HSV 1 which it sounds like it is.

Secondly get you guy to get a type specific igg blood test to confirm his status. Ask him to get a copy of his test results and post them on here so we can help you confirm his status ass well.

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badnewsbear88 replied to abe648's response:
yeah, i had blood drawn for the type-specific test in addition to the viral culture, but i'm still waiting for the results. it seems improbable given our history and lack of risk factors, but the nurse said she was "90 percent" certain it was hsv-1 based on the clinical presentation. i'll come back and post after i get the test results; i hope it isn't herpes but i don't know what else it could be.

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