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Is this HSV2?
An_249219 posted:
Hi Terri, I am 67 years old and hoping
you can shed some light on what could be causing my symptoms.
I've been told my symptoms don't fit hsv,
but I'm unconvinced since this all began 2 weeks after sexual contact.
The lady,71, I've known for 4 years
& was at her suggestion to have intercourse for the 1st time that week.
I used condom but was careless & it came off.
Two nights later since the condom had come off, we had unprotected sex.
within seconds of completion she reveals she's infected with genital herpes
& is in an active outbreak with a blister below her tailbone.
If she is to be believed,
says became infected 35 years ago & never tested.
Doctor at the time thought hsv-2.
Has one outbreak a year lasting for one week.
My symptoms have been ongoing for 10 months unabated.
In this time I've never had any lesions on my genitals or the surrounding area.
My lifestyle & habits have not changed before or during this time.
Here's the time line of what's unfolded.

Jan 3 or Jan 5 2012/ infected with hsv-2?

Jan 18-Jan 20/ burning urethra for 3 days.
8 days valacyclovir 500mg twice a day,
no noticable effect.

Jan 25/ burning rash on top of thighs & stomach.
Jan 28/ burning urethra for 4 days.
5 days valacyclovir 500mg twice a day, no effect.

Feb 1/ burning left lower lip & tip of tongue.
auto-inoculation by kissing or from her fingers?
(I have never had a cold sore)
8 days valacyclovir 500mg twice a day, no effect.

Feb 5/ oily greasey film on surface of nose.

Feb 15/ intensity of burning rash stops on thighs & stomach,
but the rash continues with a slight burning feeling.

Feb 15/ notice numbness in feet, herpetic neuralgia?
also tinnitus, ringing in ears.
both related to hsv-2?

Feb 18-Feb 28/ feels like running a temperature.

Feb 24/ burning intensity of lips drops,
leaving small permanent scarring in both corners of mouth.
lips remain sensitive & sore which increases in the evening.

Feb 25/ burning spot below left of tailbone,
1cm X 2cm spot of dry skin sloughs off,
then reappears within a day.

March/ notice a change to the skin on top of thighs,
slightly blotchy, rough & stunted hair on top of thighs.

April 6/ full physical.
Dr & intern say symptoms don't fit hsv-2.
on right kneecap series of 6 small scabs,
like pin pricks from a blackberry thorn.
Dr. said not hsv lesions.
Months later noticed similar marks on top of forarm.

blood test results:
wbc A3.6.
lymphocytes A0.8.
herpes non-specific test, negative.
std package tests, negative.

April 10/ constant slight burning on nose.
oily film still present.

April 12/ see std health nurse at clinic.
says symptoms aren't hsv-2.
I'm obsessing,
I don't have herpes & to get on with my life.

May 31/ retest blood test results:

normal range
wbc 4.1(3.6 in april) 4.0-10.
lymphocytes 1.0(0.8 in april) 1.0-4.0

IgG specific blood test.

"Herpes Simplex antibody results are equivocal.
Possible early infection.
Suggest repeat in 4-6 weeks.
Reviewed by Dr. L. Martinez"

June/burning intensity of tailbone subsides.
incrementaly, the burning of lips lessens
but still increases in evening.
slight burning on cheeks of bum, around sides & across lower back.
This burning fluctuates, a sensation similar of a deep heating cream.

July 1/ tailbone burning returns.

August 5/ slight numbness returns to feet

Sept 24/ for 5 days experimented,
took 2-3 500mg valacyclovir once a day.
seemed to increase the burning tingling on all body parts.
same as I thought it did back in Jan & Feb.

Oct/ greasy film on nosed appears gone.

Oct 24/ 1st oral outbreak since initial infection?
increased burning on lower 1/2 of left lip,
feels & has the appearance of a sunburn.
Burning increases on tailbone & top of thighs.
Numbness in feet, more in right foot.

Nov/ a very slight burning feeling has gravitated from thighs to lower legs

Nov 20/12 results: IgG retest & first western blot test.

"Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and 2 Ab IgG
Negative for antibody to HSV-1 and HSV-2.
No evidence of infection with HSV-1
or HSV-2. Seroconversion to HSV-1 and
HSV-2 may take several weeks. Suggest
repeat testing in 4-6 weeks
if early infection is suspected.
Reviewed by Dr. L. Martinez"

Nov 29/ symptoms that intensified on Oct 24 have not lessened
whole lower lip has the feeling & appearance of being sunburned.
Also tailbone & thights are the most effected.
Lesser effected, nose, arms, shoulder, stomach, cheeks of buttocks, lower legs.
Tinninitis, feet numb.

My thoughts on possibilities are...either
*at 67 my body's unable to produce the antibodies to knock the hsv virus into latency.
*never having had hsv-1, my immune system was totally defenseless the invasion of hsv-2.
*I'm infected with something other than or in addition to hsv.
My fear is I'm continuously infectious being in what feels like
an uninterrupted outbreak.
I'll greatly appreciate Terri any of your thoughts & idea
on what's going on inside my body. robert

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