gf just diagnosed with hpv
sadjetivo posted:

My gf was diagnosed about a month ago with hpv an it seems that I was the one that gave it to her. I did have several partners before her and I am not sure if this is why I gave it to her. But I have some questions about it.
1. She develop genital warts and that is why she went to get tested and my question is: Since she develop genital warts and I don't have genital warts nor I have ever developed them is it possible that I have the same type of hpv? or that I gave it to her? ( I have also read that genital warts type of hpv indicates low risk for cancer, but she was diagnosed as high risk, is that because of the other 2 types of hpv?)

2. She was told that she has three types of the hpv and that they are high risk and she has gone to get more test done because of this. So my question is: If she has 3 types of hpv if I go to get tested will I also have to have the same types of hpv that she has? ( I have read that they have no test for men is that true?)

3. If there are no signs of the hpv is it possible to spread it to other partners?

I would greatly appreciate it if you can answer the questions.