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    Itchiness! So bad :(
    W0rried posted:

    This is actually a STD type question.. I hope that's allowed, here.

    I had sex (protected, with condom) with a new partner for the first time in a very, very long time (since I've been STD tested) about 2 weeks ago. It was on her bed.

    The next day, I noticed a little bit of itchiness.. All over. Not just down there. All over the body. Little itchies here and there. Nothing too crazy. Well, over the past 2 weeks, the itchiness has gotten worse. It is not all the time, it comes and goes.. But when it comes, it itches like crazy, all over. Every couple seconds I am scratching a new location of my body. Whether it be on the head (top of my face head), arms, scrotum (lots of itchiness on the scrotum), etc. The itchiness seems to get a little worse at night. But it's gotten really bad. When I get one of the itchiness spells, it's sooo frustrating! And it really doesn't stop.


    I thought it might have been crabs the day after I had the sex, which I've never had, and there was no signed of it, but I shaved down there, completely, anyways.. And it still itched on the scrotum, and still does. But like I said, it's all over the body, not just the scrotum.

    No noticeable dots, rashes, nothing like that. No discharge from the penis, no abnormaties other then this darn itching... What could it be?! It's driving me crazy

    Thank you for the help!

    An_249538 responded:
    I am not a pro, but ba friend of mine had that problem once and it was scabbies. I know you have heard about bedbugs, they make you itch too. Try to see a professional it might be scabbies or bedbugs.
    abe648 responded:
    I have to agree with An_249538 That this may be Scabies and the only way to get rid off this is by using a special cleansing agent. On top of that you need to wash in very hot water all clothes bed sheets towels any washable rugs and see if you can get some spray to spray your matterss that will kill Scabies. They need to be dealt with if it is scabies. After showering with the stuff they use for this make sure that you use clean towels clothes etc. You need to be seen by a Doc for proper evaluation to confirm this is what it is.
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    W0rried replied to abe648's response:
    Doesn't scabies leave like bite marks and stuff though?

    If this is scabies, I probably caught it from this new girl I was with, then? Since it started a day after I was at her house for the first time....?

    Ugh... Gross..

    Well, I don't know what I'm going to do, then. I do not have insurance to go see a doctor. Currently unemployed..
    W0rried replied to abe648's response:
    I looked up scabies, and crabs, and bedbugs.. All of them you can either see marks, lines, actual eggs, rashes, etc.. And I have none of those?

    But the itchiness persists.. Especially on the scrotum. But like I said, all over the body.. Not persistent.. Just comes in spurts!
    abe648 replied to W0rried's response:
    If this is Scabies or something like this then this may be considered a health issue. Call you city or state health dept and see if they will see you to assess what this is. If it is not Scabies then it stil could be something that the health dept can help you with.

    If it is so itchy then you ned to do something to get this assessed..
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