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So Many Questions...Very Little Answers - Herpes
An_249568 posted:
A week ago I went to emerg thinking I had strep and I walked out being diagnoses with herpes. I've been with the same guy for 4 months now and he's never had anything like I've had now and this would be my first outbreak. We are also both loyal to the relationship so no cheating has occurred. The doctor told me it was most likely my current this true? Even though he has never had any of these symptoms or outbreaks?

The doctor gave me a steroid for my throat and took a swab off a sore from down there. I still don't have the lab results since it's the holidays and what not. I've also just completed my 7 days of 250mg famciclovir three times a day. I was kissing my boyfriend today and now it looks like the herpes might be back on my chin and between my nose/mouth as well down there is itchy and red and I feel like I'm reinfected....but there was NO contact other than our lips. How can I be infected again? Especially if he doesn't even have it.

I have no reason to believe I have anything other than herpes since I had blister like sores down there and it hurt so much I could barely stand loose pants which seems to be coincide with a first outbreak. I've read that you can be infected and not know for years but I've had tons of trouble with my hormones and had BV and a few yeast infections before even though I wash I don't understand why I would be suddenly having a breakout now either unless it was my current boyfriend? I'm not angry with him because neither of us knew about this at all and we still love each other. But we don't understand what is happening and I'm scared. Can anyone enlighten me? Because my only other option is going to a clinic or emerg and waiting for 4 hours again and hoping the doctor will sit down with me to talk (we don't have an STD clinic where I live)
abe648 responded:
Make sure when you get your lab resulsts make sure that you know which type of herpes it is. If the Doc says that it has to be HSV 2 because of location and he does not have it for sure. then ask him to call the lab and get it typed so you know which one it is.

Secondly if the ob down yonder is HSV 2 then perhaps my may have a HSV 1 on your chin. It is possible that you have had HSV 1 orally but never had a ob. The Stress could cause you to get an HSV 1 ob now even though you have never had any ob before. If is is less than 48 hours for the issue on the chin go and get a swab/culture/type so you know what is going on, on your chin

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