Herpes? Something Else?
An_249687 posted:
I'm not sure what this is. It has been itching quite a bit the past couple of months. I had bed bugs and I thought it was those, but now they are gone and I've read about it potentially being herpes or something else. Today I noticed these huge welts/pimples.

Anyone have an idea. I hope this picture isnt too graphic.

abe648 responded:
I Did not look at your photo as photo.s are not to be posted on this website.

From your description it does not sound like herpes. Herpes would not bother you for a month at a time.

The best thing you can do is go and be seen by your provider to confirm what his going on.
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An_249687 responded:
My doctor thinks it might be shingles or a staph infection. =/