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HSV-1 IgG 5.5 HSV-2 IgG 2.90 Please Help
JMC11 posted:
I have had cold sores since I was very young. Recently I broke up with my GF of 3 years and decided to get full blood work done before going out and becoming sexually active again. I was once diagnosed with Molluscum contagiousm which my girlfriend gave to me when we first started dating and my doctor assured me that it was not herpes. My blood test results showed that I had HSV1 IgG 5.5 and HSV2 IgG 2.9 I have never had herpes on my genitals (but i did have a bump that was diagnosed as MC) but I do get cold sores every 12 to 18 months depending on stress and my lips getting chapped... I am slightly concerned because of the accuracy of the testing. Is there any way to definitively know if I have HSV 2? Is my score a low positive, if so is there a chance that I don't have the virus? What tests do I need to get done? Let's say I get another IgG test done and it is negative... Then I don't have HSV2. Is there a possibility that these antibodies were present because I was just getting over a cold sore?
abe648 responded:
First of all I am NOT a medical professional but have learned a lot from this exchange.

As you said you do have HSV 1 and your HSV 2 appears to be a low positive. I would wait for about 3 months and get retested for HSV 2 only. At that point it should be more accurate. The other alternative is to get a Western Blot done for HSV 2 to see what your status is. It is the best test avvailable to confirm your status.

I an NOT a medical professional.

If you are stil talking to your ex gf then she may want to get tested to see what her status is for HSV 1 & 2 with a type
specific igg blood test.

To learn more read the info in my signature line below.
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bbwlover responded: ? I had get know more about this or you can ask the dotcor for help
CANOGAPARK replied to bbwlover's response:
Also there is good info HSV1 and HSV2 here: . They have a coldsore lip balm and a cream for Genital HSV2. Did you get the results of a second test?

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