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Flaccid yet hard penis
An_249711 posted:
Ok I shall attempt to keep this as short as possible.

In the last 8 years I have had Chlamydia around 4 or 5 time. For the last 6 years I have had a sore sensitive and painful entrance to my urethra as well as an almost constant pain in the right testicle. I have contratced NSU over the last 6 years maybe 15-20 times whether I am having sex or not. Changed my shower gel etc but still comes back. Also diagnosed with Epidermitis as the tubes around my right testicle normally swell. Finally after 6 years my doctor thought he would refer me to have these issues looked at. Being the UK NHS the waiting time to see a urologist was about 3 months. Coincidently, after being referred I got more severe symptoms that may be completely unrelated to the above.

It started with a what I thought was thrush. Tried every cream under the sun including steroid creams and tablets. Just wouldnt budge. Then I started noticing a rash on the head of my penis which become very sensitive. This then engulfed the entire head of the penis which under the foreskin I had thrush like symptoms. after about a month of creams the skin on the head started to peel from the centre outwards and would repeat every week or so. I stopped using all the creams and this has since stopped but now left with the same sensitive and actually swollen head of penis. Was told it could be Balenitis, given antibiotics and nothing improved.

Whilst suffering all of the above symptoms at the same time excluding the head of the penis peeling. I noticed that the shaft of my penis from the base had started to become hard even when flaccid. This then moved its way up the shaft and has now covered my entire penis. It constantly aches, i suffer mild incontinence, almost impossible to have sex. The entire penis is now swollen and extremely painful at times.

Just to clear I have I have been tested for all STI's many times since this stated happening from the begging to now which have all returned negative. Also I have found that lumps my semen which is also very thick.

I have seen a Urologist which I waited a long time for and was told he is the incorrect person to see as he is a surgeon, have been to the GUM clinic maybe 15-20 times on the last 4-5 months. They are now completely lost. My doctors send me back to GUM clinic. I am getting no where!!!

The only thing I can say is heading in the right direction is that I am having an ultrasound scan in 20 days times on my Urinary tract, and I have also had a semen sample sent off which was over 2 weeks ago. But nobody seems to know where this is so looks like NHS have lost it. The only ray of hope I have is this scan. A couple of people have mentioned they feel it could be kidneys stones releasing fragments through my tract causing issues. If this is not the case then I am quite literally lost and by the sounds of it everyone else is also. Kind of hoping that it is Kidney stones, at least that way I have some kind of diagnosis and hope that this has been the cause

Due to this I have been diagnosed with severe depression, I am close to losing my job due to sickness.

I am absolutely begging for someone to advise me or point me in the right direction, give me an idea on what they think this may be. Seriously at the end of the line now. I know there is alot of information above and if you have taken the time to read this I honestly do appreciate it massively. Many thanks

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