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    Doc refusing meds for hsv2!
    thenewgurl posted:
    In October I tested positive for HSV2. I'm sure that I got it long before I married back in 2009. I was shocked, depressed & in denial after getting my results-didn't even ask the doc any q's. I always thought that people typically get lesions, bumps, or blisters, then go see their dr & find out they have it that way. However, I am asymptomatic. I found out (through online research) that most people don't know they have hsv2 because they're asymptomatic, and/or herpes often gets misdiagnosed-by dr's and patients- as other conditions such as yeast infections, uti's, and even hemorrhoids.

    I have overcome the initial shock & empowered myself w/knowledge, which stopped me from feeling like this is a death sentence. I'm just thankful my husband is negative (no idea how, after years of unprotected sex) but I'll take that as a blessing...I just want to do everything I can to keep it that way!

    Here's my problem though…about 1mo after getting my pos result, I scheduled a follow-up w/my doc to discuss treatment options, best-practice ways of managing hsv2, and reducing the likelihood of transmitting to my husband…my doc told me that my body & immune system is already doing a good job of suppressing the virus, therefore, antiviral meds would not be beneficial. She went on to say, the only time they can provide me w/meds is if I'm having an outbreak, or "If it feels like one may be coming on". I then asked her about taking Valtrex daily, inquiring if I'd be a good candidate for that (at least to reduce chances of transmission), she then repeated that I don't need any meds unless I'm having an outbreak. I replied, since there have been no outbreaks (that I know of) for all the years I've been infected, it's safe to assume that I probably won't have one anytime soon-so it's probably a better idea to just start me on a suppressive therapy since my blood tests prove that I definitely have it, just without symptoms. Again, she said NO, the only time I'd be able to get a prescription is to treat an active outbreak.

    I was VERY thrown off by this because in all of my research I found that the best course of action includes suppressive antiviral therapy and using condoms going forward. But my doc basically has the opinion that I should be thankful I'm asymptomatic & don't have to deal w/outbreaks, and the only way to protect my husband is by using condoms. After this appointment I was beyond dissatisfied w/my doc & called the following day to request a referral to an infectious disease specialist for a second opinion. My doc called me back, and refused meds again because "They can ruin your kidneys" but also refused to refer me to a specialist stating, "It'll be a waste of time, because they will just tell you the same thing I've already told you"…Ridiculous, right?! After hanging up, I immediately googled acyclovir and kidney damage only to find that acute renal failure (kidney failure) is very uncommon in healthy, young patients-the only people at higher risk are elderly patients or those who have preexisting renal conditions. I'm certainly not at-risk because I'm 27, in good health, and do not have a history of kidney problems. I called back to provide this information, hoping it may change her mind, but was just told again that I will not be given a prescription for antiviral meds without having any symptoms.

    Can anyone provide me feedback/suggestions please?
    georgiagail responded:
    If you disagree with what your physician is saying, find another physician.

    thenewgurl replied to georgiagail's response:
    Thanks for the reply.

    I filed a formal complaint w/the hospital's patient relations team about my dr's treatment (well, lack of treatment) in my situation. Have been back & forth w/them for the past month now because apparently your primary doc is the only one who can submit a referral "on the system" and mine has already refused to do so. Now, I'm just stuck in limbo waiting to find out if they can go above her head & push something thru for me to get a 2nd opinion.

    Figured I'd put this out there & see if anyone can provide good insight to help me get this resolved.
    abe648 replied to thenewgurl's response:
    I have been on this exchange for a while and I cannot remeber for sure if there is an advantage to take a suppressive therapy or not if you have no ob;s. I would go to the top of the page and search for any posts by "betsy" Go through them to see if you can find something to that effect.

    You could by Terri Warrens book as per my signature line and also read the Herpes Handbook to see what it says about taking suppressive therapy when have no ob's.

    If you have been with your husband for a few years then I would say do not worry about it. Do not use condoms now if you have not used them before.

    I have been with my wife for over 30 years and she sitll does not have HSV. Click on my Tiger to read my brief story. I haved not used I think any more than 5 dozen condoms in my life time with her and she still does not have it. This is called a discordant couple like yourself.

    What was the numeric results from your test. If you have any more questions just ask and I will try and help you when I can get back on the exchange.
    Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at
    thenewgurl replied to abe648's response:
    Thanks, your response is helpful.

    I just read your story, and can't believe you haven't given hsv2 to your wife after all these years! I still can't believe my husband is neg, after we've been having unprotected sex over 4 years now. I don't get it... I'm just confused now about if I should even continue pushing so hard to get on antivirals. It's quite unsettling that my doc refused a referral to an infectious disease specialist just because she thinks it's a waste of time. I guess it's just more of a way to give me peace of mind that I'm protecting my husband the best way possible.

    My IgG score for hsv2 was >5 so, I'm definitely pos even w/the absence of symptoms. I'm now starting to reflect back on all the times I thought I was having a hemorrhoid & think maybe those were outbreaks? My husband has tested twice now, and both of his test results came back neg, so I'm glad he hasn't got it from me up to this point. I'm just scared that I may give it to him, and he won't be so lucky to be asymptomatic like I am. I'd feel horrible if he ends up getting it because I didn't do all I could to prevent it & he has to suffer w/painful, uncomfortable symptoms.
    abe648 replied to thenewgurl's response:
    If you have never had anal sex than the hemorrhoids would most likely be hemorrhoids. And even if you have had anal sex but only with your husband then again it most likely is hemorrhoids. Do you ever get a tingling feeling anywhere in the boxer short area of the genitals then that could be sheddingor the first signs of a possible ob starting. If you have never had this feeling then most likely you are not getting obs. The tingling feeling is what most people first feel when they are about to get an ob.

    At this point if you want to see a specialist I would get a new Doc and get referred to a the specialisst that you need. If you live in or near a major center then go to "The Herpes Homepage" and go to the very left side and there is a slider.
    Slide it all the way down and at the very bottom is a item you can click on to see which Docs deal with and are familiar with Herpes in your area..

    Like I said before I cannot remember if you do not have Ob's if a suppressive thearapy is needed. A specialist in herpes could answer this question for you.

    The risk of Female to Male transmission even if you did have ob is as follows: If you did nothing other than avoid sex when you had an ob your chance of transmision would be 4%. if you take suppressive therapy it drops to 2% abd if you use comdoms then is drops to 1% all figures are over a year
    That is provided that you have an ob and yo9u say you do not. Be thankful that you donot get ob's. You are in the approx 20% that do not get Ob's.

    The greatest risk of transmitting herps is where tghere is heat and friction. So you will always have heat fraom sex and if you are well lubed down yonder then that helps to decrease the rsik aswell. If two of you do not produce a lot of lube then get a good lube when you have sex.

    The final point is really up to your husband as to if he even cares if he gets herpes. If he loves you then it is his decision not yours to decide. If when you sit down and talk to him and if he tells you that he is not concerned then just let him love you like the two of you have been doing for 4 years.

    There are many discordan couples like you that the partner has not gotten it and the other spouse is prepared to life with it. I think that Terri Warrn's book :The Good News abiyt the Bad News" may be helpful for you. The details are in the link in my signature line below

    God bless you and your marraige.
    Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at

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