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    I don't know what is wrong, but I'm scared of what it could be.
    unfortunate123987 posted:
    I am 19 years old, I have never had "sex" before never even oral, until this new years eve. I met this girl at a party, and we really hit it off. She comes over after the party, and we are just hanging out. We start to kiss, and continue doing that for a about 5-10 minutes. at which point things elevate and in a flash her close are off and I was eating her out (this was a first for me) and I pulled out a condom and she said :"I can't have sex" and afterward she gave me a brief blowjob, 1-2 minutes. To put this into context I'm from down south, and this is in the winter time, so I have a bit of "chapped dick, and lips" so there were abrasions. Okay, now fast forward, about 3-4 days, I see a red bump appear on my lip, and I thought it was a pimple, so I picked and prodded at it. It didn't pop. After about 4 more days I started to get more smaller red bumps around my lips. I pooped some but eventually I left them alone. They did not burst on their own nor did they look like blisters or cold sores. A better perspective: I caught a bit of a cold or virus or something, prior to my encounter with this girl, and now I see white chunks on my tonsils and a slight tingle at the tip of my penis. No noticeable bumps on my lower regions that I can see, and I have looked pretty thoroughly. Any idea what could be wrong with me? I am going insane worrying over this and I need to know if I am making too much of this or what.[br>
    BLU_HART40 responded:
    Hi, i'm sorry this happened to you but I can tell you as a adult woman that you have an std. No virus or cold should have your tonsils acting that way. You need to see a doctor, it will only get worse and spread as now it has spread to you lower regions. You can make a doctors appointment or go to a clinic but either way to you need to get to one or the other soon. For future reference be more conscience (responsible) sex wise. It does not have to be full on sex for you to catch something, females can be very nasty and out there so please be careful. Good luck and please see a doctor soon. Rooting for you bud. It happens to us all, learn from it and think twice next time.
    AmberBee responded:

    I would make a doctor's appointment. I have had tonsilitis twice in the past and it caused white patches on my tonsils. You should go see a doctor to verify.

    In regards to the bumps on your lip and the tingling sensation you're experiencing the only thing left to do is see a doctor or go to a clinic of some sort where you can be seen just to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong. Wouldn't want to leave your health to chance!

    Also, I don't exactly agree with the way BLUE_HART40 stated "females can be very nasty", you should practice safe sex while being sexuality active. For oral sex, in the future condoms and dental dams are your best bet, and as for sex...once you decide to have it...CONDOMS!!...but please remember that you can STILL contract diseases using condoms....condoms only cover your penis, and that doesn't count as everything. So talking to your partner prior to sex about STDS should also be done.

    So be safe, and I wish you a clean bill of health!
    BLU_HART40 replied to AmberBee's response:
    well females can be very nasty and actually what i advised him of was to make an appt with a doctor as well. reading is fundamental. thanks!!!
    abe648 responded:
    Why not talk to the bal that you had the oral/blowjob from and see if she has any infections or STDS and ask her why she could not have sex that night and perhaps that will help you to figure out what is going on.

    But like the other posters said go and be seen some where to see what is going on and the sooner the better.
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