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chafing or genital herpes
An_250564 posted:

To start off with i'm not sexually active and 6 days ago I was working and sitting down at my computer in a hot room wearing tight jeans that hardly fit me and no underwear. I could tell in my groin and thigh areas it was getting hot/sticky and sometimes itchy, I only had 3/4 of a cup in a period of 20hrs. I read on some forums that staying hydrated helps with chafing and blisters because if you dont it could cause salt crystals that turn into fungus and create blister.
Well when i finished work I went back to the hotel room and saw 4 large blisters on my left groin that were tender and so easy to pop, it was clear fluid and just where the groin meets the inner thigh from rubbing i saw 2 big blisters with the same tender blister that was easy to pop with clear fluid. the blisters were so easy to pop i just brushed my index finger over them and they didn't hurt at all. It only hurt when i put soap on it after the blister popped.

on my right side i had the same thing 2 medium sized blisters on the groin section and darker skin on my inner thigh that looked like a blister was going to start.
blisters ranged from sizes 3mm up to 12mm
now my questions are;

is this some kind of herpes?
Does herpes usually mirror the spot on where it started? i.e. if its on the left groin does it easily spread in the same location as where my thigh meets the groin in the exact same spot and then on opposite side of the leg does it do the same?
Does genital herpes just affect that one area that was rubbed against?

how long does a genital herpes outbreak last for as the way mine happened i noticed a simple itch(because i was sitting in tight area/small seat where my legs and groin kept rubbing/touching) 14hrs later went to the hotel room , popped the blisters and now they are sores or patches of red sores, 6 days later now they are just pinkish looking like they area healing. i read on webmd that the blisters break a few days and become painful.
in my case it was probably hours after sitting for so long i just popped them very easy.
the sores aren't painful at all only when i took a bar of soap and put it on it, just a stinging feeling like any other wound.

also i read that a genital herpes size is 1-3mm some of mine were 10mm-12mm but also had 1 small one about 3mm but most were on average 6mm-12mm.

am i worrying too much and this is just some kind of fungus infection from warmth, wet, rubbing of skin and dehydration?

the thing that worried me is that my dr wanted to swab it for herpes but I don't think it is or i hope its not.

looking for any great replies
elle0317 responded:
You should have had the Dr swab it. He can tell you what is it, an internet chat board cannot.
abe648 responded:
What you need to do is get a type specific igg blood tset for HsV 1 & 2 to find out your stattus.
Abe ... Read more in the Herpes Handbook. Watch the Herpes Video and Terri Warren's book The Good News about the Bad News. All located under the heading Herpes at

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