herpes...rash all over....
amelie215 posted:
hi, i wad diagnos with herpes 4 days ago, and now i have pimples on my tongue, my troat is really sore...i cant eat propably because of the pimples on my tongue...i have..rash on my face...close to my eyes..itchy..and pimples on my face..rash inside the anus..hurt when going to bathroom...and my rash in the vagina is almost gone..since they give me valacyclovir. 500mg. is it possible to spread this all over???

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is it really herpes....who do that????
  • is herpes do spread like that????
  • what to do about the pimples on my tongue..they are so painfull??
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abe648 responded:
Are you male of female.

How would you get herpes on your tongue? How were you diagnosed as having herpes? Do you know if it is HSV 1 or 2? If you were tested with a swab make sure that the Doc types the swab so you know which type of herpes you have.

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