Have I got HIV??
An_250781 posted:
Hi everyone, thank you for taking the time to read this and help me out.
I went to my clinic the other day and found out that I have got Genital Warts (HPV virus) which is currently in the process of being treated. I also did the urine test and blood test - with the results to come back a week from now.

I am freaking out over whether or not I have HIV, and would like to know if any of you think it's possible that i do. In my life I have only ever had 3 Sexual partners, one being a girlfriend and two being casual. The last time I had sex was last summer (July 2012), 8 months ago.

However, in late August last summer I did go on a holiday with my friends to Magaluf, and one night i was led away by one of the street prostitutes there, and in my drunken stupor i went along with it. I remember putting a condom on and she gave me oral sex, which i'm almost certain is all that happened. I also vaguely remember her mouth having wart/spot like features on it. Would this explain the Genital warts? Is it possible for genital warts to be passed on via oral sex, despite the fact that I wore a condom? Or is this definitely from one of my previous sex partners?

What i am particularly worried about is, thinking back on it, a month after receiving oral sex from this prostitute I broke out in a rash, what I assumed was an allergic reaction. I did also have swollen lips, I went to my doctor and got antihistamines and I was better almost instantly, however having checked online it does say that one of the symptoms of HIV is that after about a month of infection, you break out in a rash. Do I potentially have HIV or am I being stupidly paranoid? Also do the tests I have taken include the test for HIV or must I get another one?

Thanks a lot for your help and apologies for rambling on.

georgiagail responded:
You are not at risk for HIV from this encounter.

Even with UNPROTECTED oral sex, the estimated per act risk is just .5 to 1 per 10,000 exposures with a source KNOWN to carry the virus.

In your case, the oral sex was protected (i.e., a condom was used). Even assuming the prostitute was HIV positive, this virus cannot cross an intact latex barrier.