An_250914 posted:
Ok me and my partner had unprotected sex two months ago. After that he started having discharges and alittle burning. But i havent had any symptoms of chlamydia. We went to get test for ghoneria and chlymadia the fast pass one he was positive for chlamydia but i wasnt. We got treated than we had sex with a condom an seven days passed and he had chlamydia again is it possible that i hav anal chlamydia or that im positive for chlamydia anally or what im not sure.
georgiagail responded:
If your sexual contact after the treatment was with a condom...and the condom was used accurately and did not break or tear...either his treatment was done incorrectly, he did not respond to the treatment (and we are seeing some cases of the bacteria requiring a second treatment before it finally clears)... or he picked up this STD from another partner.