Do I have Genital Herpes
swatguy posted:
July of 2012, I had all of 20 seconds of unprtected sex with a friend. Maybe two weeks later I started feeling a slight tingle and itch in the genital area. I saw my doctor and tested for everything and all came back fine. I realized that I wasnt tested for herpes and wanted to know my status. To make a long story short. I had a Type specific IGG test done at weeks 6,12 and 28 post possible exposure and all returned negative results. I have been loosing my mind because my friend say she tested positive for HSV2 but not sure if it was type specific or not. I have also posted questions on medhelp with great advice and news that I'm not infected with HSV2. Recently, my arms have been sore, I have small bumps, not clusters around my neck that itch. My left butt check has a dull feeling that sometimes itch. I'm about to freak out. I understand that other things may cause these symptoms, but im about to lose it. Two days ago my back felt kind of raw if thats a correct feeling. Sometimes I get this pinch feeling at head of penis thats got me scared. Sometimes my anus itch, but im scared and would like to know if Im in fact HSV2 free.

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georgiagail responded:
Testing has clearly indicated you are negative for HSV2.