Penis size is not increased from my childhood
AARUT posted:
HI all ,
i am male age 26 i have been facing different problem compare to any other in the world that is my penis size is not increased from my childhood it only 1 less then one inch at normal condition when raised its around 3 inch only . Can any one help me how to increase the size . width also small only . I am planning to get wedding can i marry or not i can satisfies my wife or not?
can i get children .

I dont have any urinorie problems

Please reply me ..
ontbear responded:
AARUT see your doctor and ask to be referred to an urogolist.
Lefty2121 responded:
That medical term I have read about and seen pictures of is called Micro Penis only solution is Surgery but even then only get about 1 or 2 inches if that.
jimblack responded:

While size does matter, I won't fuss about it too much. If you can get an erection and can perform penetration, you should be just fine. As for the procreation, I would see a doctor for that matter, get some tests and see results.

Take care!
AARUT replied to Lefty2121's response:
hi Thanks for your reply,
is the any surgery to over come this problem . can it be become normal as other men around 3 to 2 inches before erection and increases width ?
please reply and whom to contact for it.

is this any serious problem
AARUT replied to jimblack's response:
yes Thanks for your reply.
even though u say size is not problem can i satisfy my life partner after my wedding.

yes my penis get erection does not tried penetration since not married . when it is erection its size is just around 2 1/2 inch to 3 whom i need to meet for such problem i mean specialist
Lefty2121 replied to AARUT's response:
All of these procedures are considered "experimental surgery." Severe complications include -- but are not limited to -- penis shortening, a lumpy or uneven appearance, scarring, sexual dysfunction, and curvature of the penis. These complications often cannot be corrected. I would read more on articles offered through Web MD and also contact you local Urologist for more assistance.