have had several unprotected sexual partners risk for std????
An_251110 posted:
Hi, I'm probably gonna be bashed for this but I have had around 40sexual partners in the past & have probably used a condom 3times. I've just come to the realization that I've been careless and selfish. I'd like to get tested as soon as possible. I've noticed nothing wrong with my penis such as symptoms so I never found it necessary... I've been doing some research and found different diseases take longer to detect. How long should I wait since my last partner to get full results from a full std testing?
elle0317 responded:
3 months from the last encounter for the most accurate results. And be sure to ask for the igg type specific test, if you also want to test for herpes along with the other STD's
joeqoii replied to elle0317's response:
Thank you so much.