HSV-1 or 2
allrisk99 posted:
I was tested for HSV at the local health clinic with a swap on small site. and for any other std's.
The nuse told me it was positive for HSV, I aksed one or 2 and she replied 2. Pretty quickly and non-chalantly.
I took it upon myself to pay for and get a blood test from lab-corp. Test came back negative for HSV 2 and positive for HSV 1 with a 4.91 result. Both test say they were Type specific IgG.
I don't have a family Dr and am confused.
Initial outbreak was some red raised spots but none of the grouped blisters I have seen. Since then recurrenses have been minor some payne in upper legs near my back but I have low back pain anyway.
I guess am I safe to say I only have HSV 1 and should I stop worrying myself crazy don't have anyone to talk to.
Anon_2000 responded:
I would recommend that you call the first provider and ask them for sure what they tested for from the swab. If the nurse can provide you with a copy of the results so you can see what the positive was for? ie HSV 1 or HSV 2? From that you should be able to confirm which one you were positive for. Do push the nurse for a copy of the results so you know for sure.

You could have just gotten HSV 2 and an igg HSV 2 blood test may not show up the correct results if you just contracted HSV 2. Let us know what you found out. The other altermattve is to get a type specific blood test for HSV 1 & 2 in 3 months and get a copy of same and post the results here so someone can confirm your status.